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04:09 - 31/03/2013Chantal Nason
Love the website Jen! Your artwork is always a joy to see :-) you are a very talented young lady and a beautiful person..
19:26 - 16/05/2012John Rogers
Love the fine art
05:35 - 11/05/2012Istvan Banfi
really wondeeful and impressive works!
10:31 - 06/01/2011Gulbeniz Edem
What a wonderful digital art images.. Thank you!
14:28 - 16/12/2010Clive Murphy
Words escape me. For you to be able to spread your prodigious talent across the spectrum of mixed media is truly amazing.
Exhibit in Malta?
Have a great Christmas, my best regards to Neil.
06:58 - 16/12/2010Neil
You really are a talented little merekat, I am so looking forward to seeing the next one you create. Every day is a new adventure x
15:42 - 13/12/2010Kristine
The website is well worth the wait Jen - it showcases your art beautifully. I hope this will facilitate putting you where you should already be in the art world!
10:23 - 13/12/2010Marcus Nason
09:44 - 13/12/2010Ana
any plans for an exhibition in Australia? :-) Your work is awesome and so is the website.
20:49 - 12/12/2010helen jolliffe
Wonderful looking site Jen. You must be so proud of it and your work. Fabulous stuff!!!! x
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