Filgin Art Gallery - Evgeniya Filatova Sharp Contemporary Artist

Evgeniya Sharp PhotoEvgeniya Filatova-Sharp was born in the Far East of Russia in 1974. She started to draw before she started to walk and won her first regional Infant Drawing Competition at age of five. Creativity always was a huge part of her life. From an early age she was exploring different media and various crafts. Albert Einstein once said: If I can’t picture it, I can’t understand it. And she was doing her best to understand the world through her watercolor, pencils, wood or metal carving, etc.

Her first commissioning job was during high school years when the principal gave her a great opportunity to create the new posters and portraits for the history room. Trying to combine her creative side and a hunger for science she joined a Technical-Building University where she studied the basics of architecture, technical drawings along with other various sciences. In 1996 she graduated as environmental engineer, nevertheless art always was in her heart.

Although mainly self-taught, she was very lucky to have a few very talented people in her life which helped her express herself, each in a different way. Her father first of all, her Decorative Studio teacher and her friend air brush artist Anthony Desira amongst many others.

At the moment she is living and working with her husband in Reading town, England and concentrating mainly on interpretations in oil, pastel and other media depicting the human figure.

About Evgeniya

Very often people ask why I sign my work as “Filgin”. I created this pseudonym at an early age in honour of my first mentor and one amazing person - my father. As a girl who was born in a country where woman usually don't retain their given at birth family name, I thought that there was still a way to keep a little sentimental connection within my creations.

All is very simple: the first symbol of the abbreviation is a combination of my three initials in Russian, “Fil” - are the three first letters of my father's surname and “Gin” is a different version of my name. And the mystery is solved...

Evgeniya Filatova